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On 18th June 2018, the Sunny day of Dragon Boat Festival, the visiting group of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office,HuaiYang Cuisine and Jiangsu Hospital of Chinese Medicine came to visit ShuLan College of Chinese Medicine. There are six members of this visiting group to pay the visit. This visiting group includes one leader, Xu Kai Xin, Vice-director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office; Xu Cun Shan , CEO of HuaiYang Cuisine Group; Gao Dai Ming, Chief consultant of HuaiYang Cuisine Group; Dr. Shu Ya Cun, Deputy Secretary-General of Foreign Exchange Promotion Association; Professor Jiang Wei Ming, Vice- Director of the Department of Cardiology of JiangSu Hospital of Chinese Medicine.

Professor Shulan Tang on behalf of Shulan College with five members of Shulan College held a warm reception at the main Hall of Shulan College Campus. The official visiting group and Shulan College enthusiastically express how much excitement and happiness to see each other. First both sides introduced each other and showed what advantages and interests both sides already have. All sides have passionately talked about the most concerned topics which they are all interested in and discussed what co-operation and how all sides can do well for each other in order to reach double-win for all sides.

Professor Shulan Tang introduced Shulan College’s History and development to the visiting group and showed them what achievements Shulan College have gained. Director Xu showed their warmth and advantages of JiangSu Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Jiangsu Hospital of Chinese Medicine and HuaiYang Cuisine Group. Director Shu and Professor Jiang introduce their advantages of Jiangsu Hospital of Chinese Medicine and showed their interests to do more co-operation with Shulan College in the area of distance education and remote diagnosis. The chief consultant, Gao Dai Ming, showed interests of co-operation between Huaiyang Cuisine Group and Shulan College in terms of combination of Chinese medicine and Chinese food by the way of telling a nice story about acupuncture history and Chinese food relevant to life cultivation. Then Professor Shulan and Professor Jiang had a long conversation about academic topics related to TCM.

Secondly, all sides exchange presents and souvenirs and took photos together to strengthen their strong friendship. Professor Shulan showed all the members of the visiting group around the whole campus of Shulan College.

In the afternoon, the visiting group have been invited to DaXi Manor in Bakewell where the film (Pride and the Prejudice) was made accompanied by Shulan College group.

At the end of the day, an informal farewell ceremony for all sides made everyone memorize all the unforgettable moments during this visit. The friendship among all sides has strengthened and consolidated the co-operation of combining Chinese medicine and Chinese food in the near future!


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