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?Will I be able to practice Professionally after completing your Diploma course?
!Yes, on certification of our Diploma Courses you will be eligible for Professional Practitioner’s Insurance with companies such as Balens whom we strongly recommend.
?Are Shulan College Courses fully Accredited?
!Yes, all our Courses from Diploma Level to PhD level are fully Accredited. Our Diploma Courses are fully Accredited by the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (FTCMP) and the Complementary Medical Association. Our Bachelor’s, Master’s & PhD Courses are Awarded and fully Accredited by the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.
?How long are your courses and how many classes per month are there?
!Our courses are as follows… TCM Theory & Diagnostics – 1 Year (2 Classes per month) Tui Na (Medical Massage) Diploma – 6 Months (2 Classes per month) Acupuncture Diploma – 2 Years (2 Classes & 2 Training days per month) Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma – 2 Years (1 Class per month) Bachelor’s Degree of Chinese Medicine – 5 Years (4 Classes per month) Master’s & PhD Degree – 3 Years (4 Classes per month)
?Can I pay by instalments for your courses?
!Yes, payment plans are available on all of our Diploma Courses.
?Can I enroll on the Tui Na Diploma Course whilst I’m on the Acupuncture Diploma Course?
!Yes, you can train as a Tui Na Practitioner if you are already on the Acupuncture Diploma Course.
?Can I enroll on the Chinese Herbal Medicine Courses whilst I’m on the Acupuncture Course?
!Yes, however it is preferable that you will be in your 2nd year of our Acupuncture Diploma Course and you must be proficient with TCM Theory & Diagnostics.
?How can I complete my Clinical Observation Hours?
!You can complete your required Clinical Observation Hours at our Student Teaching Clinics (Wednesday & Saturdays) with John Gradwell & Flora Grace and also at our affiliated Professional Clinics run by Prof. Shulan Tang (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays), Dr Richard Gao (Wednesday – Sunday) & Dr Mu Lan (Mondays). Students are under no obligation to complete their Clinical Observation Hours with Shulan College and may complete these hours with any Professional, Registered and Fully Insured Practitioner.
?What Accommodation options are there near the College?
!Situated in Didsbury, a leafy suburb of South Manchester and only 10 minutes from Manchester International Airport, there are many great options to stay within close proximity of Shulan College. Two Hotels which are popular with our Students who come from cities around the UK and from abroad are The Travelodge Hotel Didsbury & The Didsbury House Hotel
?Can I do a bespoke or intensive Course with you?
!Yes, we regularly arrange bespoke courses for Qualified Medical Practitioners. These can be intensive or over a longer, pre-set period of time. We also cater for groups of 5 or more Students without any prior medical background, who wish to train intensively in Acupuncture or Tui Na (Medical Massage). Contact us for more details and to arrange your course.
?What are the academic requirements for enrolling on your courses?
!There is no pre-requisites to enrol on our Acupuncture & Tui Na Diploma Courses. To enroll on our Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma course, you must be proficient in TCM Theory & Diagnostics. For more information on requirements to enrol on our Bachelor’s, Master’s & PhD Courses, please see the Prospectus.
?How can I complete an A&P (Anatomy & Physiology) Course?
!All Shulan College training courses (Diploma & Bachelor’s) will now include an Anatomy & Physiology Course. We feel this will be preferable to most other courses as it will be with reference to Chinese Medicine.

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