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  • Prof. Shulan Tang Prof. Shulan Tang
    Herbal Medicine

    Highly regarded within the field of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Prof. Shulan Tang is considered one of the World’s Leading Chinese Medicine Herbalists.

    Graduating from the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in 1984 and gaining a Master’s degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine Prescriptions from Beijing University in 1987 with Prof...

  • Prof. Shulan Tang Dr. Kaicun Zhao
    Herbal Medicine

    Dr. Kaicun Zhao has been for long time as the programme leader of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese herbal medicine programmes at Middlesex University. His expertise is focused on herbal materia medica and Chinese herbal formulary

    Dr. Zhao also serves as a member of the Expert Advisory Groups on herbal medicines for British Pharmacopeia Commission and a member of the Herbal Medicine...

  • Prof. Shulan Tang Prof. Peilin Sun
    Shang Han Lun

    Sun Peilin, finished medical study in 1981 and obtained his Master degree of TCM in 1988. His publications include “Bi syndrome or rheumatic diseases treated by TCM”, “The treatment of pain with Chinese herbs and acupuncture”, “The management of post operative pain with acupuncture” and “Sports medicine in TCM”.

  • Prof. Shulan Tang Guanhu Yang

    In 1993, Guanhu joined the staff of Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, and From there Guanhu went to the Kanazawa Medical University of Japan and completed his Ph.D. degree in lung repair. After completion of his Ph.D., he continued his research in pulmonary biology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Since 2003, he has opened two offices in Ohio to practice acupuncture. He also chaired as the director of the SHI acupuncture school ...

  • Prof. Shulan Tang Tian-Jun Wang
    Masters/Phd Course Director

    Dr. Tian-Jun Wang graduated from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (NUCM) in 1989 and had worked as a Medical Doctor and Acupuncturist in a Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Nanjing, China for 18 years. Dr. T Wang completed his PhD at NUCM, studying and researching Acupuncture in the treatment for depression. Dr. Wang was a clinical supervisor and Vice-professor in NUCM. Dr. Wang moved to the UK and joined University of East London UK...

  • Prof. Shulan Tang John Gradwell
    Tuina, Acupuncture

    John Gradwell BSc (Hons), SBRCP, ITEC, Advance Tui Na certificate Nanjing practices Tui Na and Classical Chinese Acupuncture based mainly on the Huang Di Nei Jing, The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine. John has been awarded the status of Senior Practitioner with the British Register of Complementary Practitioners for Acupuncture...

  • Prof. Shulan Tang Andrew Edwards

    Andrew Edwards graduated from Northern College of Acupuncture in York 2008 after studying 3 years TCM to MSc level, awarded Postgraduate Diploma in Acupuncture. Studied Tui Na 2014 at Shulan College of Chinese Herbal Medicine Manchester, awarded Diploma. Runs a successful clinic in Derbyshire since graduation and is a member of the British Acupuncture...

  • Prof. Shulan Tang Professor Shiwei Zhou
    Acupuncture, Tuina

    rofessor Shiwei Zhou graduated from the prestigious Tianjin University of Chinese Medicine in China with a Distinction after 8 years of training. He attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Acupuncture after attending from 1980-1985.

    He continued his studies with world renowned Acupuncture master Xue Ming Shi and gained a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Tuina.

  • Prof. Shulan Tang Dr. David Wang



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