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Dan jiang (TCM Consultant, fellow of BAcC, Fellow & Mentor of ATCM)

Ms Dan Jiang TCM Consultant, fellow of BAcC, Fellow & Mentor of ATCM.  


     She graduated for TCM from BUCM in 1978, for Vary schools of Traditional classics in TCM as a master medical course in 1982; for diagnosis of TCM as master medical degree in 1987 who was a lecturer in BUCM until 1991. Since there, she has been practising Acupuncture & TCM in UK as a TCM consultant who was awarded by WFCMS; visiting professor in BUCM, visiting senior lecture for acupuncture & TCM course in Middlesex university; Consultant for SSC of medical students in the university of Sheffield. The diseases & clinical states which are the best suitable to be treated by acupuncture or TCM in the West as her research project; Infertility & Gynaecological diseases as her clinical priority. She took on the chief editor for the book ( Principle & practice TCM in the West), more than 40 professional papers has been published in the international medical & scientific journals in which 6 issues are published in SCI journals. As a TCM consultant, she practices in the medical disciplines clinic in Harley street London. Principal of European alumni of BUCM, vice-principal of PETCMC etc.               

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